In today’s competitive world, 360 degree feedback is very important for any business organization. 360 degree feedback is an assessment tool or a multi-rater tool that helps to evaluate the behavior and performance of the employees working in an organization. Well, a 360 degree feedback unlike the traditional performance appraisal gathers all-inclusive feedback and 360 performance review from various people working within an organization. For example, the performance review of an employee can be provided by the peers, subordinates, supervisors, managers, clients, and customers.

Business entities increasingly understand the drawback of traditional performance review process of the employees.  Usually, it involves a single manager reviewing every employee’s performance over the last 12 months. This kind of review can be very biased as the boss might favor some employees. At the same time, they might overlook their faults. The end result will affect the company’s growth and productivity. In order to provide a better, unbiased and all-round feedback of their employees, many organizations are making use of 360 performance review.

Introducing 360-degree performance reviews can provide an organization with numerous benefits. In fact, it is important for an organization to conduct 360 degree reviews because of many reasons. The reasons are mentioned below:

360 performance review

Balanced Assessment

As more perspectives are involved in 360 reviews, the assessment becomes more balanced. If an employee is consistent in his/her work, it can help them to get rewarded as their hard-work won’t get noticed. Even if a person is not able to work up to the mark, the employee can be informed about it. This would help that employee to work on it.


Improving Relationship

In assessing the behavior and performance of an employee, colleagues and peers play an important role. Through 360 performance review employee can learn if they need to change their behavior. This, in turn, can help them to improve their relationship with others. At the same time, when they improve their behavior, an employee can easily work in a team. Thus, their performance would improve.


Employees Can Be Honest

One of the important elements of 360-degree review is self-evaluation. As the feedback is given from various sources and as it remains anonymous the reviews remain honest. With honest reviews, it can help managers to decide if an employee is worth adulation.360 degree feedback


Review Superiors

Within an organization a level of transparency must be present. With 360 performance review system, employees can review the performance of their bosses. For example, when a leader isn’t giving much of team effort, employees are unable to tell anything. But with 360 degree feedback things have changed totally. Employees can easily review their boss’s performance.


New Skill Development

Based on the 360 performance review, organization can decide whether an employee is deemed fit for their organization or not. Furthermore, it can help them to learn if an employee needs to improve their skills. Once the review is done, steps can be taken to improvise the skills.


360 degree feedback is very important for an organization as it can help an organization to effectively evaluate the performance of entire staff within an organization. Well, the feedback can provide a valuable insight about an employee’s behavior and their working process.