What is BioSpider? BioSpider is a robust tool designed to scan the web for chemical and/or biological information. BioSpider brings together data from a large variety of databases, uses its own set of predictive programs, and integrates chemical (metabolite, ligand, cofactor and drug) data into its biological (sequence, function, pathway etc) reporting. — More About BioSpider.

How Do I Search? BioSpider supports a variety of query types. This simple search is "smart" in that it detects the type of search you are performing. You only need to specify the search class: drug, metabolite, or protein and your query and BioSpider will do the rest. — Help with Searching.

Publication: BioSpider: A Web Server for Automating Metabolome Annotations. Pacific Symp. Biocomp. 2007, eds. Altmann R et al.